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How Your Story Shapes Our Own

Every time your car gives out on you, or you’ve had an accident, your life comes to a halt. You can’t pick up the kids from school, go to the store, or visit your aunt. Setbacks are a natural part of life; it’s how you deal with them that makes all the difference. We are not just another body shop in Fort Walton Beach and Crestview, FL with the goal to fix cars. Our goal is to help you go back to your routine and live your life with your mind at ease.

Where It All Began

Decades ago, we started this business wanting to contribute to the safety and happiness of our community. We’ve built our premier auto body shop doing paint and body work for a long time, only to become leading advocates for our customers’ rights.

Today, we make sure that none of our customers go through confusing and questionable insurance claims or subpar repair work. We’ve got your back. Having been through dismal experiences ourselves, we know the true value of exceptional customer service, and we provide it every step of the way. We now take care of everything from communicating with your insurance company, handling the claim, all the way to providing a stellar repair you won’t forget. Many of our Staff have worked within the Insurance Industry for years. This gives us a clear advantage when working to ensure that your vehicle is repaired efficiently and safely.

Our Purpose

When you come to us distraught and stressed after a collision, we want to make your day. In addition to providing auto body repair, our experts are ready to help you in any way imaginable. Our team of trained and certified technicians will guide you through the repair process and answer any questions you might have, no matter the scope or complexity of work your car needs.

We firmly believe that it’s your right to be satisfied with the quality of our services and the prompt return of your vehicle. We have earned our reputation for treating our customers and our customers’ vehicles with attention, care and respect – and we intend to continue living up to this legacy.

Want to share your story with us? Whether you have questions, concerns, or you need a repair, get in touch with our team today!

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