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Detailing Your Car

It’s All In The Details…


Automotive detailing can be defined as a high degree of attention to the cleaning, polishing and preserving of a vehicle’s surfaces with wax and other products designed to protect against this harsh environment that we all live in daily.  A car that has a show-quality level of detail not only improves it’s appearance and your attitude, but helps in maintaining its’ resale value.

Okay…now that sounds good, but detailing an automobile takes a considerable amount of energy, knowledge, and experience in order to achieve the professional end results that we all want.

Exterior Detailing

Detailing the exterior of a vehicle is by far the most challenging to people. Simply using the wrong product or, for that matter, the right product incorrectly can be enough to cause hundreds of dollars in damage. Here at Fenders Collision USA, we understand that the paint finishes on today’s vehicles are amazing works of chemistry. An understanding of the application process and the science of today’s clear coated finishes is helpful when it comes to keeping that mirror shine.

Other exterior surfaces and components, such as chrome & painted trim, glass, wheels, and tires,  all require the correct products and techniques to achieve great results. Remember that the three areas of exterior detailing are cleaning, polishing, and protecting.

Make It Clean…Make It Shine…Make It Last!300_916785

Cleaning is pretty universal in thought…remove all surface particles that are foreign to the exterior surface through the use of cold or hot water washing, chemicals, and or claying. Claying refers to the use of a specifically designed clay bar to clean contamination and dirt from the surface of the clear coat that cannot be removed with lesser abrasive methods, such as physical hand washing.

Polishing the exterior surfaces is most often achieved with the assistance of Machine Polishers with specific polishing pads. For the painted surfaces, these special Polishers remove microns of the clear coat in order to remove ultra-fine scratches, swirl marks, oxidation, and other imperfections. Automobile collisions often result in minor finish damages that can be repaired with the use of  low and high speed polishers, thus saving the vehicle owner hundreds of dollars.

Protecting the exterior surfaces after cleaning and polishing helps to prevent foreign contaminants from adhering to the exterior surfaces. Most often this simply involves an application of protective wax. The Fenders Collision USA Detail Team recommends applying two coats of a premium wax one to two times per year and more often if you happen to live in the vicinity of salt water.

Interior Detailing

Why clean the interior of your car beyond a basic surface wipe down and carpet vacuum? According to a recent study conducted in England, motorist are in danger of contracting a number of illnesses from deadly germs like Bacillus Cereus and Staphylococcus each and every time that sit behind the wheel. Carpets and upholstery should be cleaned with a hot water extractor and all surfaces should be disinfected on a regular basis. This will keep you and your passengers healthier, but will, once again, maintain your car’s resale value. The same processes apply for the interior…Clean, Polish, and Protect!

Yes…You Can Afford Professional Detailing!

Fenders Collision USA offers a full range of detailing service at some of the lowest rates in the area! By offering a variety of detailing services at affordable rates allows us to build relationships with new customers. With “Collision” in the middle of our name, it’s not hard to imagine what our main business is. Our detailing and mechanical services allows us to introduce new customers to our exceptional collision facilities before they may need us. That way if they find themselves, a family member, or friend in need of collision or body repairs and only the best will do, then we will already be a trusted friend. View our Detailing Services page to review our service offerings and pricing!

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