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Do you find it a challenge to read through, much less understand, the typical automobile insurance policy and how it applies to your accident?

If so, let us show you the difference that having decades of industry knowledge and experience working for you feels!

We Know Insurance Claims!

Insurance company claims procedures and tactics are constantly evolving. When forced to file an automobile damage claim, the average vehicle owner will find themselves at a distinct disadvantage upon venturing into this unknown and uncomfortable territory.

Would you like to know what benefit Fenders Collision USA can offer you that no other area auto body repair facility can?

We have a highly experienced and professionally licensed Independent Claims Adjuster in our office!

Here at just a few of the Insurance Companies that we work with on a daily basis on behalf of our customers:

Want To Know How We Can Simplify Your Auto Claim Experience?

We Will Stand In Your Shoes

We Will Stand In Your ShoesThere is no need to go through the damage claim process by yourself relying solely on the settlement information given to you by the Insurance Company’s representatives. You are entitled to each and every benefit contained within the insurance policy that you have already paid for! We’ll make sure that you receive a fair damage settlement and we will take the time to explain the claim and repair process to you.

Claiming Against The Other Driver’s Insurance?

Maybe you find yourself in the uncomfortable position of having to negotiate with the other party’s insurance representative for a fair damage repair settlement. Please be aware that you, as a third-party claimant, hold no contractual agreement with the first-party’s insurance carrier. This can make a big difference in the manner in which your vehicle is repaired!

Know And Exercise Your Insurance Claim Rights!

It is your choice and responsibility to select a quality collision repair facility…not the insurance company’s! Learn more about your consumer rights when filing and insurance claim on our Your Repair Rights page.

Tell your insurance agent or representative that you have exercised your right to choose and Fenders Collision USA will be working for you!

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